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About Alex

I was born on the island of Grenada in the Southern Caribbean. I travelled to Britain in 1959 to work in the entertainment industry, but first worked on the London Underground trains; this gave me insight into London travel network and added knowledge about the life of commuters.

I then went into show business as a drummer and vocalist in clubs and restaurants till 1973. As a broadcaster and journalist from 1974 I met and interviewed famous entertainers, historians, politicians, sportsmen and women and a host of others people doing interesting jobs that kept the wheels of the City of London and indeed the whole of Britain turning. All those and other experiences and adventures gave me a global perspective of the world and the way people live.

I now spend most of my time concentrating on delivering Creativity in Education to pass on my knowledge as a lecturer and historian in schools, colleges and motivational speaking at events.

Stories To Tell

We all have stories to tell,Good Vibes Juniors will have the opportunity to tell their stories, listen and download to some of my songs.

      1. Shake Hands
      2. Fruits & Vegetables
      3. Rocking Chair
The Body Song (Available Shortly)
      4. We All Have Stories to Tell
      5. Born To Wander
      6. Wizzie-Wizzie-Wizzie
      7. Order In The House

Travel Songs

I’ll tell you about my travels, some of the popular people I have met and things to make you think about your own experiences like, your first day at school. My first day at school is a funny story. When we meet at your school or an event, you will have an opportunity to tell about your first day at school and what your teacher, Mummy, Dad, Grandma and Granddad thought about how well you did on your first day.

Thank You

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