Valentino Jones’ The Long Enduring Road To Success is the perfect train or travel accessory for new and compulsive readers alike. Lose yourself with abandon in this glorious tale of lead character, Doc and the exploits of his friends The Rocky Boys and their youthful adventures, traversing the sumptuous  terrain of the spice island of Grenada in the Southern Caribbean. Experience Doc’s view of his workers plight and follow his ambitions as if you yourself were there yourself – get a taste for what can be described as a luxurious lifestyle of ‘freedom’ that manages at the same time to somehow confine Doc’s ambition due to circumstance.

A fascinating read that brings to the fore a lifestyle that for others surpasses much of the 21st century luxuries we pay heavy prices to experience today whilst gaining a thimbles worth of the freedom in comparison to 1 day in the life of Doc in this rich tale of a workers life.

Valentino A. Jones offers a beautifully written fictional work and insight into Grenadian culture and lifestyle pre 1940’s and beyond within a. truly an enlightening trilogy of books rolled into one for both Men and those soon to be and Women and those soon to be. Pre-Orders available. Email Long and Enduring Road To Success – coming to Good Vibes Records & Music Online Shop soon.

Give Time A Change Is Coming – Alex Pascall
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