Good Vibes City Blog 2016

Introducing the first Special Broadcast of “Alex Pascall’s Londoners” on Boxing Day, Good Vibes Radio, a new Internet radio station that celebrated Christmas and welcomed the New Year with music, stories, cuisine and an interview with the Rt. Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP, leader of the opposition Labour Party in the UK.

Jeremy Corbyn spoke on matters related to his nomination as leader of the Labour Party and the media storm that followed, and sighted Alex Pascall’s Londoners format as example of the need to encourage more diverse programmes such as ours to challenge the narrow views of the mainstream media.   He said, 
“In this world, up until 5 years ago, the whole world information was dominated by a few very small sources– American, European, predominantly news agencies– who set news values and the news agenda and the rest of the world followed”.

Good Vibes Records & Music Ltd (major supporters of the show’s output) is happy to bring Good Vibes Radio as a new voice in the media mix.  Corbyn’s encouragement has helped to strengthened our determination to create programming that offers missing slots within the airwaves, with a unique way of covering mainstream UK politics, art and culture and the representation of the life and work of diverse communities in London and British affairs that extend to the globe.

Good Vibes Radio stand firm in its representation of seeking truth to address avoiding unnecessary conflict, but in doing so aims to address what Jeremy Corbyn rightly observed.

The slot Black Print (What the papers say” which ran on the daily broadcast on the established radio programme “Black Londoners” from 1974 till 1988 via BBC Radio London, stemmed from a listener working at the Post Office in the 1970s. In her spare time she collected news cutting of issues in the daily newspapers that referred to the Black and minority communities. The success of ”Black Print” on that show has prompted us to appeal to the world at large to look at their local papers, magazines and poster-sites and together let us develop, Good Vibes City Blog.

Good Vibes Radio is extending an invitation to you our listeners to help build a global snapshot of the issues affecting the lives of people in their communities as reported by your local or national media. You may also like to inform others in the cities you visit; let’s make news, from the local to the global.

Please download the weekly broadcast, shop with us and get rare and unique products for your personal use. Looking forward to your reports to Good Vibes City Blog; Good Vibes Radio – Making the local, global – spread the news.,






Please download the weekly broadcast, and report to Good Vibes City Blog; spread the news.