Deidre Pascall

Deidre PascallDeirdre Pascall – Music Consultant, Composer for TV, Film and Theatre, Actor, Educator, Musician

Deirdre’s expertise is rooted in music performance. She is a producer, actress, pianist, cellist, vocalist, actress and composer for network TV, media and film. She also works as an instructor in entertainment arts for Sixth Forms Colleges, universities; Ballet Schools and Freelance work in creative sessions in music and ear training for the body with students of Musical Theatre.

Need to commission music soundtracks & soundscape for a theatre production?

Deirdre is a passionate composer, she composes for film, TV, and theatre productions, she has composed for Channel 4 Dispatches, Tonight with Trevor Mc Donald, BBC/PBS children series Teletubbies, Independent theatre productions, Joey Boy by Garry Morris, Catalysta by Allister Bain, Alex Pascall’s Common Threads at Saddlers Wells/Lillian Baylis/ Saddlers Wells Theatre. Please call for a consultation on your upcoming project.

Need new ideas to stimulate learners of all ages?

bbcradio4_27032010_btnDeirdre’s knowledge and experience gained from her groundbreaking training in Creative Education and work at the J.F. Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts in the USA facilitates current trends.

Her use of music, drama and visual arts as an inter-disciplinary and cross curricula tool with a global-bicultural approach to her courses and one to one sessions for ballet dancers, choreographers, entertainment art students of all ages have made her students stand out and are winners in today’s competitive market.

For Enquiries call 0207 272 4372. Call to book Deirdre’s services, so that you too can stand out from the crowd and achieve excellent results.