Good Vibes‘, Alex Pascall O.B.E – Pioneering British Broadcaster best known for his radio show ‘Black Londoners’ on BBC radio, appearances and consultancy for the children’s TV show Teletubbies , Cultural Strategist on British, Black and Caribbean Culture, Media & Film Story Consultant shares a view of London post interview with Robert Elms as a Listed Londoner at BBC Radio London.

Good Vibes Records & Music Ltd your one-stop-media licensing and story consultancy for industry professionals and researchers requiring unique Audio & Black Media Archive Resources for Film, TV, Radio,  bespoke songs and soundtracks produced by commission for film other media plus bespoke book design and publication for authors specialising in revealing hidden and cultural legacies and stories written by new authors from the Diaspora around the globe.

Our rare catalogue includes: rare interviews with the friends and activist circle that worked with Claudia Jones (Civil Rights activist and mother of Carnival in the UK), Michael Jackson aged 16, Marvin Gaye in London, Fela Kuti, Muhammad Ali – The Greatest of All Time in London, Henry Cooper, Evel Kenievel, Angela Davis, Black and Caribbean artists, Authors – CLR James and Alex Haley, Black & Caribbean WW 1 & 2 veterans, hundreds of musicians, biographers, as well as rare cultural festivals of the 20th century around the world with a focus on culture and lifestyle, music and the art and leaders of the world that helped to shape the political landscapes we now live in that have enhanced British life and the lives of people from nearly every part of the globe.

Looking for rare or never seen before media content available to license for film and documentaries?

Famous People

A selections of Celebrities, Black Icons and Personalities available for license. Email gvrm@email.com for more information

We welcome enquiries from Film Productions, Researchers, Television, Radio, Museums and organisations worldwide as our iconic Sound Archive holds some the worlds most creative and political people who have changed the way we live across continents. The Pascall and BAMAAPC Collection includes Audio and Multimedia resource interviews by Alex Pascall with hundreds of luminaries and thousands of community voices: Bob Marley, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson & Randy Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Gil Scott Heron, Lenny Henry, Norman Beaton, Angela Davis, CLR James, Sir Trevor MacDonald, Hugh Masekela, African Musicians and Politicians, Sir Clive Lloyd, Alvin Kallicherran, West Indies Cricketers, Oscar Peterson, James Earl Jones. The  Complete Media Collection – 5 days before Nelson Mandela release from prison includes British Print Media Collection, Photographs and Film Collection with many more besides.

When it comes to Events and Lifestyle, Good Vibes has enjoyed a long history and our Caribbean inspired lifestyle products include Books, Cricket inspired Leisurewear and extend to providing Key Note Speakers Alex Pascall O.B.E, and lecturer Deirdre Pascall FRSA for events, soirees and knowledge transfer consultancies.

Valentino Jones’ The Long Enduring Road To Success is the perfect train or travel accessory for new and compulsive readers alike. Lose yourself with abandon in this glorious tale of The Rocky Boys youthful adventures, traverse The Rocky Boys sumptuous  Caribbean terrain in the spice island of Grenada, experience their travails in daily work and their workers ambitions as if you yourself were there and get a taste for what is a truly treasure-trove lifestyle that manages to somehow stifle their dreams yet surpasses much of the 21st century luxuries we pay heavy prices to experience today and yet only gain a thimbles worth of the joy and sense of vocational fun in the sun, that’s all but possibly 1 day in the life of The Rocky Boys in this effervescent tale of life spent.

Valentino E. Jones offers a beautifully written fictional work and insight into Grenadian culture and lifestyle pre 1940’s and beyond within a. truly an enlightening trilogy of books rolled into one for both Men and those soon to be and Women and those soon to be. Pre-Orders available from the Good Vibes Records & Music Online Shop two weeks from now.


We Ting Notting Hill Carnival Audiobook MP3 Download available from iTunes store.

At the heart of Good Vibes is our multi-talented Alex Pascall O.B.E. Britain’s groundbreaking broadcaster, inspirational educator, renowned storyteller, (BBC/PBS Children’s series Teletubbies) spellbinding speaker, historian, composer and a fantastic performer and recording artist. Our senior consultant has mapped the life experiences of Black Britain for over 50 years in his show business and pioneering broadcasting career. Alex brings all these practices to the story consultancies for Film and Media as well as the various services Good Vibes offers, so that whatever your needs, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your production or event goals.


Deirdre Pascall

Deirdre Pascall

Deirdre Pascall – Music Consultant, Composer for TV, Film and Theatre, Actor, Educator, Musician

Deirdre’s expertise is rooted in music performance,composing for TV and film, film research consultancy and bespoke music and arts therapy solutions for students of all ages and abilities. A budding Broadcaster, Deirdre presented Radio 4’s pick of the week, Me My Family and Muhammad Ali, has composed for Channel 4, Tonight with Trevor McDonald’s  7/7 Bombings, Channel 4’s Dispatches It Shouldn’t Happen To A Musilim, Teletubbies, Good Vibes Records & Music production of Common Threads – The Musical by Alex Pascall at Lilian Baylis Theatre at Sadlers’ Wells and a range of  Jazz and World Music albums. A lecturer in Music, Drama, Deirdre is a former professional pianist/cellist for technical dance pedagogy and has played for some of the worlds leading ballet and contemporary Ballet and Dance companies and soloists across a range of esteemed cultural institutions and schools in the USA and UK. Her cross-arts-platform experience has culminated in unique knowledge transfer approach and creative sessions rooted in music and ear training for the body designed for both musicians, actors choreographers and dancers alike of all abilities.

A Legacy of Black Culture

Our exclusive archival collection provides iconic interviews of some of the 20th Century’s world famous influential Black voices, local entertainers and black community events in Britain.